Take a sneak peek at the new EliteID as we introduce mobile photo capture and streamlined enrollment for your K-12 campus! We’ve revamped the enrollment process to ensure there is an easy-to-use creation workflow to create new records and capture photos in just a few simple steps. When adding a new record, users now have a guided step-by-step process to quickly enter standard information, additional user-created fields, and capture photos, either from the desktop client or a mobile device.

Mobile photo capture is an exciting new feature that is guaranteed to save you time and resources when it comes to capturing photos and enrolling your users.

Use the camera from your smartphone or tablet to quickly capture ID photos. Improved camera quality on smart devices has nearly eliminated the need to carry extra bulky hardware allowing you to complete this important enrollment step with a tap on the screen. This is helpful in the ID Card office, and it enables easy enrollment in on-the-go situations where you might need to enroll users in one location and have them pick up their cards in another. Enrolling users from several locations can reduce the amount of time users wait in line to pick up their cards.

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