Vision Database Systems recently launched a new cloud-based ID issuance software named EliteID, and we wanted to use this opportunity to share why upgrading from RapIDCard (and any other ID system!) to EliteID can benefit users at your organization.

Why upgrade from RapIDcard to EliteID?

We have revamped familiar RapIDcard features by increasing their functionality and focusing on the user experience and accessibility, while simplifying their operation to provide a better overall software product suited for the modern user and computing environment.

A major advantage of cloud-based software compared to an on-premise solution is that new features, enhancements to existing features, and bug fixes are available to all our clients at once when a new version is deployed by our experienced team of in-house software developers. And because EliteID is hosted on our highly available cloud servers there is no requirement for on-site servers resulting in less system upkeep, maintenance, and ongoing server costs for your organization.

EliteID is a subscription service that includes the user license and technical support, and when compared to similar ID software is cost-effective. You can have as many person records, ID prints, and card designs as you need, at a known cost.

Current RapIDcard users should be aware that RapIDcard will continue to receive technical support and break/fix development for the foreseeable future. However, as we roadmap new features to serve the current and future needs of our clients, Vision Database is devoting significant development resources toward EliteID to achieve our goal of positioning EliteID as the premier cloud-based ID issuance solution for K-12 and Higher Ed.

Here are some benefits and feature highlights to showcase how EliteID improves upon RapIDcard and places EliteID ahead of the competition:

EliteID is accessible from multiple devices

You can sign into EliteID from any device browser and send ID cards to print at any time, from any place. EliteID runs on the safety and security of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our support technicians can quickly access your ID carding environment to provide immediate assistance when necessary.

All new features to empower users

The user Dashboard places up to the minute activity from across the system at your fingertips. The all-new Lists feature provides a high-level view of your cardholder population and user data. User defined form fields can be quickly added and configured using the new Form Designer interface. There is also Preferred name support, Google font support, and more to dial-in an exact look for your ID cards.

View and perform actions on many records at once with user defined Lists

User-friendly ID photo capture and photo export

Cardholder enrollment will be a breeze as you can capture an ID photo with your phone from any location at your organization and send the card print job to your ID printer. You can choose to snap your ID photos using a camera, webcam, or mobile device easily. You can also export ID photos from EliteID for use in other systems in only a few clicks.

keep the ID line moving with mobile photo capture

An overhauled card designer with dynamic color and visibility features

The EliteID card designer is web-based which means you can design ID cards without installing additional software, and the intuitive yet powerful user interface allows users to create effective designs in minutes.

There is no limit to the amount of card designs you can create with your license, however you can reduce the need for multiple, yet similar, ID card designs by using the Dynamic Color and Visibility feature. You can automatically print specific colors, text, and graphics based on cardholder information. For example, print different ID photo border colors based on grade level, and various graphics for after-school clubs and senior privilege status. It’s also easier than ever to associate specific card designs with cardholder groups.

example of dynamic color different border colors by grade level

Improved card scanning

In addition to the card personalization features available in RapIDcard, EliteID supports the Code 128 1D barcode format to offer a smaller yet more readable barcode compared to Code 39. Fully configurable QR Codes allow printing the student ID number and other data as a QR code, and to link important web resources.

Improved batch printing

Batch printing in EliteID includes automatic A-Z sorting, pre-print count tabulation, and an improved user interface.

A tailored upgrade path

We recognize every organization has different requirements that’s why our team will work with you to tailor an upgrade path from your current ID system to EliteID.

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