EliteID supports all of the traditional ways to capture ID photos for your cardholders. If you would like to continue using cameras, EliteID has a “Take a Photo” option that can be used by navigating to the person screen and clicking on the camera icon. On this screen you will see live video from your camera and can click “Capture” when ready to take the photo. You may also choose to upload photos using the .jpg or .png file format.

What sets EliteID apart is the added feature of allowing mobile device photo capture. You may use the cameras from a phone, tablet or laptop to make ID photo capture easier than ever. You won’t need to use outside cameras and you can also take your ID photos from anywhere not just your ID card office.

The mobile version of EliteID works just like the desktop version, you can sign into your account and nagivate to the person screen and click on the camera icon to take a photo from your phone or other device.

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