The Lists Feature in EliteID makes managing the people and records in your ID database easier.

Lists help to categorize People into logical groups using information we know about them. The simple yet powerful List criteria builder makes it possible to design Lists such as 9th Grade Students, Faculty, and even People without a photo.

Lists are essentially a dynamic view of people that match the list criteria at that moment – so when a person’s information is updated by a user or data import, and when their photo is captured and their card is printed, it can affect whether they are included in a List.

people with photos

Example View – List of “People with Photos”

When a Person is associated with a List it will appear in the Person screen Lists panel.

lists panel

Why might you use a list, other than for easy access to your database information?

You can use a list to perform actions such as batch printing cards from a certain list, or exporting photos for another list. You can also use lists when using the dynamic color and visibility feature within the card designer. This feature allows you to display information and elements on your card based on the user being a part of a certain list. For example, a student might have a red border around their photo because they are on the 9th grade student list, and another student might have a senior privilege icon because they are on the 12th grade list.

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