CloudCard Integration in EliteID

One of the great things about EliteID is the ability to keep it up to date with the features clients want. We have recently added CloudCard integration for schools and businesses that would like to allow their cardholders to submit ID photos on their own time from their phones or other devices.

EliteID with Cloudcard

In 2018 Vision Database partnered with CloudCard to bring the #1 online photo submission service to current clients using our RapIDcard software. Now, we are proud to announce EliteID with CloudCard online photo submission. It’s easier than ever to manage cardholder photos all in one place while maintaining subscriptions to both services.

Core EliteID features are integrated with CloudCard to provide full control of invitations at every opportunity:

Create Person Wizard – Send invites to individuals during enrollment
Person – Send invites and re-invites to individuals at any time
List – Batch invite multiple People at once
Invite Scheduling – Send invites to multiple cardholder groups on an automated Hourly, Daily, and Weekly schedule

Office staff can approve ID photo submissions and their supporting documents from a central location within EliteID without the need for a separate CloudCard sign-in. If you do need to use the CloudCard app your information will be synced in both locations automatically.

The seamless cloud integration requires no additional software installation and can be put to immediate use after a short setup.

EliteID with CloudCard Features:

• Approve and deny photos from EliteID and the CloudCard app
• Crop/rotate photo submissions and their supporting documents
• Send invites to individuals and groups of people
• View supporting documents with facial comparison confidence
• Use Helperbot to automatically approve and deny photo submissions
• Approved photos are automatically downloaded in real-time

Note: This integration requires a subscription to both EliteID and CloudCard. Contact us to add CloudCard to your EliteID subscription or to view a demonstration.

For additional information about CloudCard and CloudPhoto Connect, visit our page at:

For more information about EliteID features, click here.

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