Enhance Your ID Printing with EliteID Advanced ISO Management Features

Managing and printing credentials can be time-consuming and complex for any organization or school. This is particularly true when it comes to assigning and managing ISO numbers, which are used to uniquely identify each card and ensure security and accuracy in card issuance. Fortunately, EliteID offers a powerful set of ISO management features that can simplify and streamline the process.

User Defined ISO Pools

One of the key features of EliteID ISO management is the ability to define user-defined ISO pools. This allows you to assign 16-digit ISO numbers sequentially or randomly to credentials, based on your specific requirements. You can also set expiration dates for credentials, either as a static date or as a user-defined period of days, months, or years.

User Defined Print Reasons

Another important feature is the ability to use user-defined print reasons with keep/replace ISO assignment logic. This allows you to track the reasons why credentials are printed, and to decide whether to assign a new ISO number or to reuse an existing one. This can help you to manage your ISO numbers more efficiently and avoid unnecessary duplication.

ISO Field Encoding

EliteID also includes ISO field encoding to the ABA magstripe template, as well as ISO-related fields in lists and the card template designer. This enables you to include ISO numbers and related information in your ID cards, making them more secure and easier to manage. Additionally, EliteID offers user permissions for ISO management view, edit, and delete, ensuring that only authorized users can access and modify ISO-related data.

View and Manage ISO Related Data

The EliteID credential pane displays ISO parse, previous ISO, expiration date, user-defined print reason, and pool name for credentials that are associated with an ISO pool. This makes it easy to view and manage ISO-related data for all of your ID cards in one convenient location.

EliteID has advanced ISO management features and provides a powerful set of tools for managing and printing ID cards more efficiently and effectively. If you’re looking for an ID printing solution that can help you take control of your ISO numbers and card issuance process, EliteID is the answer.


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