Modern ID Issuance Software

Cloud-based EliteID

Cloud-based EliteID

Sign on to EliteID from your desktop, tablet, and mobile device. Add cardholders, capture ID photos, and print any place, any time.

Easy Enrollment

EliteID supports data entry and data import.

The Create Person wizard streamlines the data input, photo capture, and review steps in one workflow to ensure required information is accurately added. Data imports can run on-demand and are automated for hands-free data syncing.

Cloud Infrastructure

Eliminate the need for dedicated on-site database servers and file storage. EliteID runs on the safety and security of AWS.

EliteID receives feature updates, security improvements, and fixes automatically with every new release. EliteID has a small footprint and is low maintenance for system administrators.

Modern Card Designer

Create beautiful and functional credentials using the powerful web-based WYSISWG designer. Designing is easy for every skill level.

Design the front and back of the credential in one view. Add the ID photo, name, background graphics, text, and user-defined data fields using drag and drop elements. Choose from many fonts, with 1D barcode and QR code support. Save time with dynamic elements that can change color and visibility based on cardholder information.

Preferred Name Customization

Choose from 19 name combinations.

We recognize that many cardholders ask for a preferred name in addition their legal name to be printed on the ID card. EliteID supports the use of Preferred Name from beginning to end of the ID issuance lifecycle.

Snap ID Photos from Your Phone

Tablet and smartphone camera support allows you to take ID photos from your mobile device.

In addition to the desktop webcam you can use your mobile device’s camera to capture ID photos. Work more efficiently and leave the bulky equipment behind.

Manage Cardholders Easily

The powerful Lists feature categorizes people in the database using information we know about them.

Create dynamic lists such as “9th Grade Students”, and “Enrollees without Photos”. Batch print the list or navigate through a list to quickly attach ID photos.

Online Photo Submission

Easily add CloudCard integration.

Manage cardholder photos all in one place within EliteID when you have a subscription to both.

ISO Management Features

Simplify and streamline the ISO management process.

A subscription to EliteID+ offers a powerful set of tools for managing and printing ID cards.

All-in-One Subscription

EliteID is an annual subscription service that is based on the number of users concurrently using the application.

The subscription includes as many card templates, person records, and prints as you need.

Technical Support

Every subscription includes technical support.

Subscribers will gain access to EliteID user documentation and technical resources. And, our support technicians are ready to assist you by phone and email to help resolve any questions.

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